Tough Muther Tuesdays

Anna Crollman

Welcome Anna Crollman My name is Anna Crollman and I am a breast cancer survivor. I never thought I’d hear my name and cancer in the same sentence. But here I am. I can’t tell you how many doctors, nurses and strangers looked at me and said I was too young. I just so...

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Charmaine Carraway

Welcome Charmaine Carraway I never thought I would see the day where I, Charmaine Carraway, would say: “I am One Tough Muther!”, but somehow that day has come. I grew up a curious child who questioned authority, as well as all parts of life around me that seemingly...

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Jen Roper

Jen Roper is One Tough Muther! My name is Jen and I have brain cancer. It was a typical August in Arizona…sweltering and I had just finished at the gym and headed over to the grocery store to buy the food I needed to make dinner. I grabbed my cart and pulled into the...

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Welcome Jody who at 59 rocks a hard earned body that is ROCK SOLID! Jody, you are such an inspiration and definitely One Tough Muther! Hi my name is Jody and I am One Tough Muther I am 59 years old, I’ve been married for 33 years, I have 3 grown stepdaughters and 9,...

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Hello, I'm Maria! I am 49yrs old and I am Irish. I have been living in North London for 28 yrs. I work for London Underground as a customer service manager and it's a part -time position. I have no children, no pets, and no family here in London. On 3rd October 2016,...

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