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Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid—It’s About to Get REAL!

What do you get when you combine three smart, sassy and successful women who’ve lived highly unusual lives and give them an open mic? You get “schooled.”

The One Tough Muther Show is “Real Talk.” Conversational, controversial and completely honest, we share our “REAL” life lessons, the life lessons of our guest and listeners. We cover emails from our listeners and try to guide anyone looking for help with even the toughest question, regardless of topic.

The One Tough Muther Show provides women a safe haven to speak openly and honestly and not be judged or criticized: The One Tough Muther Show is a judgment free zone! One Tough Muther, Tough Muther Lisa, and Tough Muther Gail deliver good old fashioned Mutherly advice, guidance, and support. Raw, edgy and honest we Tough Muthers, will stop at nothing to help another woman in need.

It’s all about U!




At age 19, directly out of high school, I married a military man I knew only 4 months and by the age of 28, I had four children. By the age of 30, I made the decision to leave a very unhealthy, toxic marriage becoming a divorced single mother to 3 young sons ages 4, 7, and 9 years old and a 2-year-old daughter. In a blink of an eye, I went from living around the world as a military wife to living in two rooms in my parent’s home with four children and a dog.

With no education, I took any job I could get. My first job was as a waitress. Within months I advanced to a being a waitress and bartender. From there I worked at a car dealership, the accounting department in a bank, as a county mail delivery person, leaving to go to sell time, write and voice radio commercials for a group of radio stations.

Speaking to everyone I could, I searched for any government programs for single mothers. Denied food stamps because my car was too new, I struggled financially to provide for my children. Then a stroke of luck. A woman I met told me about a government program for single mothers that would allow me to buy a house for my family, with no money down and no interest.  For almost 2 years I dreamed of moving out of my parents home and owning our own home. A home that would be ours, from the ground to the sky. So I applied and followed every strict requirement. As happy and excited that I was that this could happen, others weren’t not. However, against all the negative opinions, against all logic, against all self-doubt and doubt pushers and fear of failure; I did it and all by myself, as a single mother.

Life marched on, my children were going and my career flourished.  I was hired as the advertising director for a sports nutrition company, where I learned everything I could about the world of advertising and marketing. Within years,  I opened my own in-house agency, working with the WWF/WWE, NASCAR, The Grammys, Sharon and Ozzy Osborn, as well as cast members from The Sopranos and the Jersey Shore show.  Learning from earth angels I wrote and produced television commercials that aired on NBC, CBS, FOX televisions station and every network in-between. I worked with Howard Stern, Opie and Anthony, Cousin Brucie, Scott and Todd in radio and was a guest on both of their shows.

In 2012, I started One Tough Muther (#OTM) advice column on the advice of my own children. Always being sought out by women who would ask my advice, my children thought I’d be the perfect person to write an advice column. They felt everyone should know what a Tough Muther I was. Half heartedly I made a small website that allowed people to ask me questions. Quickly the letters flooded in and I was happy to help girls and women realize their self-worth, find their self-esteem, strength, and abilities. Hey, who doesn’t need, good old fashioned Mutherly advice? To my surprise and delight, I was published in magazines and asked to be interviewed on radio, podcast and TV shows. Noticed by a company that rated website I was critiqued as Dear Abby on steroids due to my open and honest answers to their letters.

Although as my career and column flourished, I was faced with some very tough times and hard personal decisions. Two failed marriages and a devastating suicide by someone I loved, left me questioning my purpose in life. However, I believe that at our weakest moments, we must become our strongest and by helping those women and answering their questions, I was helping myself, too.

Soon I started public speaking and within 5 years, OTM grew into a powerful brand with thousands of women around the world requesting and wearing a One Tough Muther tee-shirts. By donning an OTM shirt, women were proudly displaying their strength, courage, resilience, and  toughness.  I’ve been told by many women that when they put on their One Tough Muther shirt, they feel strong, positive power. That powerful feeling was helping many face life’s obstacles, domestic violence, abuse,  lack of self-esteem and self-confidence, depression, anxiety, disease and even cancer. My purpose had been found.

In August of this year, The One Tough Muther Podcast will hit the market. Premiering on CBS Radio at with co-hosts, Tough Muther Lisa and Tough Muther Gail, we want to inspire all women, at any age or stage in life to believe in themselves. We want women to realize the only person that has to believe in you,  is YOU and to feel strength, positive power, inspired and empowered, knowing that If I could change my life, they can, too.

As we share our unique life lessons and communicate through “REAL” talk, let us inspire, guide and elevate one another, your dreams are within your reach and you are always one decision away from living a different life. It’s time to free yourself and live a life you’ll love. Whether you realize it or not, by seeking help, sharing your life lessons and facing your fears, you are becoming One Tough Muther!

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“Lisa, H-E-L-P!” “Lisa, I need your advice.” “Lisa, what am I supposed to do about the Holidays?” Ugh, please can someone make a decision?

Yes, I was the one everyone came to; everyone’s rock, including family. But even a rock can crack. My parents have a fairytale marriage that I longed for but guess what … life is NOT a fairytale. I did everything for everyone else but myself. Why? Because I didn’t think I was WORTHY of love. Years and $$$ worth of therapy confirmed this.

I am a singer & study with one of the top coaches. I worked at Epic Records in A&R with some of the greatest artists including Celine Dion; then Pepsi-Cola in Marketing. After, I became the Marketing Director of an iconic NY rock station and then went into radio sales for that station. I sold radio for Howard Stern, Opie & Anthony, Imus, Sean Hannity, Joan Hamburg, and many more. I was one of the top Salespeople in NYC. Then I left to pursue my love of TV sales for Cablevision. And again, I was one of the top in the NY market. SO … why did I constantly need approval? Why weren’t my accomplishments enough?

Let’s get back to the fairytale. In the beginning of all this, I met a man, fell in love and got married despite all the red flags. Why? Because again, I did what I thought I was supposed to do.

SELF-ESTEEM … most people don’t know what it means until they realize they don’t have it. And I didn’t. Despite ALL my success, I personally NEVER felt like I was good enough. I always looked for approval. My ex was physically, mentally and verbally abusive. There was a time I thought, “This is it, you’re going to be choked to death.” And guess what…after that, it still took me three more months to leave.

But I did leave. With the help of friends, I found the courage to walk out the door. As a result of this, I NEVER, EVER, EVER want another woman to feel she ISN’T WORTHY, that she has no self-esteem, that she deserves to be a punching bag or told what to do.

You are worthy. You are deserving. You can survive anything. You are strong … because, like me, you are One Tough Muther.


“Move To Your Own Beat”

My parents always said life should read like a novel…no one wants to read the same one chapter…make it interesting!  Interesting it has been indeed! I was raised to take risks, to step up, be bold, and have integrity and a strong work ethic. They also taught me that life is not WHAT you do but who ARE. And while I thought I got the full memo and set off like a rocket to make life interesting, I realized I might have missed the bigger point…to also live the simple details and breadth of it.

I can’t remember a time when creativity and movement weren’t a part of my being. I’ve always been dancing, moving and creating something. I was moving and dancing so fast, chasing something that I could never really define. I literally danced myself into DANCE, then to Choreography and Multimedia Performance Art. Then into music, working with some of the most successful artists and companies in the industry. And when the tide of the Music industry changed, I moved into Project Managing Large International Special Events for Broadcast Television. My absolute favorite being the Beijing Summer Olympics! On paper, my life looked great. But I was exhausted and I couldn’t figure out how to get off the ride. Deep down, I felt if I just kept moving, dancing- I could outrun life. I really didn’t believe I was built for the “Tough” stuff of life. I was wrong.

When “Tough Life” caught me, it came like a Tsunami. Specifically, it came in the form of a ruptured brain aneurysm that required full-on brain surgery. I had to have “a craniotomy” and a long hospital stay in the Neurological ICU at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Then – “Tough Life” continued to come at me – this time with 37 uterine tumors displacing my insides, challenging the very essence of my own femininity and womanhood. It required another surgery and hard choices. But “Tough Life” wasn’t finished. As it does, it then took one of my best friends – and not long after, it dealt me the biggest blow and took my Father, who was a continent in my world. No words can EVER express the depth of that loss, from which neither my family nor I will ever recover. Next, it took my grandmother and five months later, my Aunt – so amidst my dancing, moving and trying to heal, three of the five major pillars of my life were gone in the span of a year. “Tough Life” came to play – and PLAY HARD. “Tough Life” came to highlight that you can’t run or sit it out or dance it away. It will come and find you. But it also came to show me that at each moment when I thought I could never get up, I always did. I don’t know how, but I did.

Here’s the key – I surprised myself. With each and every hit, I kept getting up and showing up. “Tough Life” came and showed me that I’m one “Tough Muther!” It’s not about being big and bad…it’s about getting up, showing up and not hiding. It’s not always pretty or flashy, but it’s essential, necessary and it gave me a more authentic life.

If you’re reading this, look in the mirror! Chances are you’re “One Tough Muther” too…you’re awake, in the game and showing up for life and I have no doubt you’re going to surprise yourself too.

See you on the Air…It’s about to get Real!


Photo credit: Teresa Pyskaty


You Don't Have to Be a Mother to Be One Tough Muther.™

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