Guest: Carole Lynne

Carole Lynne is a wife, mother, grandmother, teacher, writer, musician, spiritual counselor and certified Psychic Medium. Carole introduces us to the world of mediumship and helps us understand this scared art....

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Guest: Rachel Baribeau

Rachel Baribeau is a power house Tough Muther to say the very least. In 2008 she became the first female sportscaster to fully participate in a professional football training camp. She is also the first female host on SiriusXM College Sports Nation and in...

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Guest: Carrie Maslen

Carrie Maslen is Vice President of Business Operations for Samsung and has been in the IT channel for 30 years. The Mother of 3 adult children, who recently celebrated her 34th wedding anniversary, Carrie has successfully navigated the perilous waters that...

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Guest: Jacquelyn Aluotto

Jacquelyn Aluotto discusses her 6-year journey dedicated to exposing and eradicating violence, poverty, homelessness, and abuse.  A visionary, hybrid producer, creator, director and activist, Jacquelyn has worked tirelessly to shed a light on...

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Emme never let the rules of the fashion world, rule her. A scholar athlete and graduate of Syracuse University, a Mother, an author, a cancer survivor and speaker, Emme reveals how she measured up and changed an industry, that defines your worth by your...

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GUEST: Corinne Foxx

Though modeling and acting in her Dad's movie has been filling Corinne's days, she also speaks passionately about her work promoting education with Girl Up!, a United Nations foundation and her partnership with National Alliance on Mental Illness....

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GUEST: Sheri Poe

Welcome to the first ever episode of One Tough Muther featuring the original One Tough Muther, Karen Finocchio, Lisa Orban and Gail Ward. This week: A Business Week Magazine’s “10 Entrepreneurs of the Decade” highlighted on People, Oprah, The Today Show,...

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